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All Twigs editions use a common information base  so it’s easy to upgrade from one to the next.
Branded Editions of Twigs
Appearance Features Content
Please note that Twigs is single-user software.  It is designed to enhance the productivity of a person using their personal computer.  While users may easily transfer the contents of lists using the software’s import/export features, the standard software does not support server-style information sharing for work groups.
Twigs can be custom-configured in three areas:
Regarding content, our InfoSet features are an excellent way to distribute a common set of information to a group of users who, in turn, take the content and modify it according to their individual needs. InfoSets can be assembled by TwigSoft, as part of “branding” ... or by a member of your organization.  InfoSets can be updated or expanded with new information at any point.
To discuss the details of a branded solution, please contact us at Sales@TwigsSoftware.com
The result is that everyone gets the benefits of Twigs for their personal use and content can be distributed in an efficient way.
Affiliate Program
Twigs is available as a Branded Edition that has the appearance of being a one-of-a-kind solution for a group or an organization.
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