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Powerful list features are the centerpiece of Twigs ... and provide the ultimate in convenience in seven different styles. Checklists bring an even higher level of convenience and versatility to your desktop ... all pre-built and ready to use. Notes are for information that isn't on a list ... but placing a note onto any list takes only three clicks. Journals are for date-relative entries ... which can be exported in spreadsheet format for other uses with only two clicks. Drag and drop is the absolute easiest way to place information into Twigs ... from your browser or from other applications. Twigs Standard Edition lets you gather more than just text ... with Screen Capture and Map Capture features. One click is all it takes to change the priority setting of any entry. Finding entries is as simple as typing a keyword. Twigs makes it super easy to publish results as PDFs ... to print, to email or to place on your smartphone. Twigs Plus Edition provides two-click access to your commonly-used applications and utilities. Your own personal Weather Center is a feature of the Twigs Plus Edition ... with one-click access to up to seven cities. Transferring the contents of lists into and out of Twigs is very easy ... using simple text files or structured data sets. This calculator is available as a free download at These are a just a few of the over 30 pre-built summaries that can be selected with only a couple of clicks. Plenty of help is available ... from popup tooltips to printable guides. Visit for a selection of accessories that complement the "getting organized" uses of Twigs.
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