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TwigSoft was formed in 2006 to explore ways that personal computers could be made easier for everyday use.  We found that not only could PCs be made easier for common tasks, when they are made easier, people use them more often ... and they use them in more ways. We also found that one information structure is so universally useful that it deserves the top position in every person’s computer tool set.  That structure is lists ... because lists work.  Lists are a foundation for: • organizing information • making plans • establishing priorities • monitoring progress • focusing attention • confirming results Lists became the centerpiece of a powerfully simple set of software called Twigs.  It’s named for the fact that much of the information people have to deal with are details—“twigs of information”—that are important to have, but that are difficult to manage in typical PC ways. It turns out that our approach of simpler software is useful to anyone ... from absolute beginners to technical users and professionals.  It’s because lists work for everyone — and the benefits of simplicity are universal. So please explore the details of our ideas and offerings — and help us spread the word about simplicity.  It's a great advantage in the Information Age.
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