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Affiliate Program and Sales Opportunities

Probably not.  First, because software has always been, well, so technical.  But, mainly, because there just hasn’t been suitable software to sell or ways to sell it. But our Twigs software is unique.  It's universally useful.  Yet, people who need Twigs the most aren’t looking for software.  Years of experience with their own computers have convinced them that software is just complicated.   That’s where you can make a difference by showing them Twigs in a first-hand demonstration.  Following a few clear examples, they can easily see how the computer they already own: can be made simpler ... more akin to a kitchen appliance than a PC can be more useful in everyday ways, so it can help them more often can give them a productivity boost by putting information to work for them These conclusions are easy for people to make once they've seen Twigs in action.  In a very real sense, Twigs turns their computer into an information appliance.  Walk up. Get results. This first-hand introduction to the software forms the foundation of our Affiliate Sales Program.  We provide easy-to-follow instructions and examples, with the clear objective of helping people become more comfortable using their computer — so they use it in more ways, day in and day out.   If this sounds interesting, please contact us at  We’ll explain the simple steps involved and provide you with a self-assessment checklist to help you determine if our program is right for you.
Have you ever thought of selling software as a source of additional income?
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