Our flagship software product began as a way to manage “twigs of information” — those bits and pieces that are difficult to handle with typical software.  Twigs makes handling them a snap ... ten of them or ten thousand. Information At Your Fingertips. Twigs provides you the means to have a lifetime of notes, lists, journals and clippings from the Internet ... named, organized and presented in ways that are meaningful to you ... all kept in your own Personal Knowledge Base  and backed up with a single click. Experience Pure Convenience. Twigs is the absolute easiest way to gather, organize, prioritize and utilize information on your personal computer.  Twigs manages your desktop workspace for you and greatly simplifies other aspects of your PC’s operation.  You’re able to focus totally on the things you want to accomplish. Your time is important ... your information is important ... and useful results are important.  Twigs brings everything to you in one easy-to-use package.
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Twigs brings power, simplicity and convenience to your personal computer.
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